With tender love and care we have put together a great collection of frames, but without glass lenses, vision will be difficult. Therefore we have a partnership with ZEISS. As the worlds largest manufacturer in precise optometry, they combine their technical practices and innovative ideas to exceptional visual experiences. Prepare to be amazed by their solutions, which are so much more than a pair of glass lenses.

ZEISS has customized glass to fit every pair of eyes. A customer aged 40 has other needs than a one aged 18. Together with ZEISS we can advise you the most personal visual solution.

Single-vision lenses

Simple glass lenses only have one prescription that covers the entire lens and sometime a cylinder can be added too. Single- vision lenses are typically for people with short or long sight. This is why single-vision lenses are the foundation of long distance and reading glasses. These two types of lenses do look different. Single-vision lenses for long sight are thicker in the middle, while short sighted single-vision lenses are thicker around the edges. Regardless of your prescription, ZEISS can create exceptionally flat and light weight glass lenses, even for high prescriptions.

Maar ongeacht uw sterkte kan de moderne technologie van ZEISS buitengewoon vlakke en lichte brillenglazen produceren, zelfs voor hoge sterktes.

Digital lenses

ZEISS provides a new category of products with their ZEISS Digital Lenses. These glass lenses are specially designed to meet the visual needs of our thirty and forty year old customers, who experience their first discomfort with short sighted vision, regardless of ever having glasses with single-vision lenses before. Mobile devices have taken over the world extremely quickly and therefore have created new challenges for the human eye. Frequent use of mobile devices is hard on the human eye. The amount of transitions between long and short sight and back again has considerably increased since the growth of digital devices. This is extremely demanding to the ciliary muscle of the eye and can result into poor vision, fatigue, dry eyes and neck problems. ZEISS Digital Lenses leave tired eyes and neck problems in the past. They help consumers of digital devices stay visually fresh, fit and focused during their day. The effectiveness of ZEISS Digital Lenses has been proved during stress tests by smartphone and tablet users. Users had an average of four times less symptoms and more than 90% of the respondents were extremely satisfied.

ZEISS Digital Lenses laten vermoeide ogen en een stijve nek tot het verleden behoren. Zij helpen gebruikers van digitale apparatuur om de hele dag een frisse, fitte en gefocuste blik te houden.
De effectiviteit van ZEISS Digital Lenses is bewezen in stresstesten bij smartphone- en tabletgebruikers. Aangezien men gemiddeld 4 keer minder last had van symptomen van vermoeide ogen, was meer dan 90 % van de respondenten uitermate tevreden.

Office lenses

A lot of people who sit behind a computer for most of their workday complain about neck, back and shoulder pains. After dedicating their full attention for hours on end to a computer screen, a lot of people experience pain when arriving home in the evening or even during their work day. One of the reasons behind the discomfort, is not having a pair of glasses. A possible solution is a pair of computer glasses that are customized to the required computer work. Reading glasses or varifocal glasses are not the best solution. A pair of computer glasses can provide more visual comfort, not only when working behind a computer but also at other workspaces or during recreational activities that require more concentration. A pair of computer glasses corrects the distance between 40cm to 300cm.

Een leesbril of een multifocale bril is niet de ideale oplossing: Een computerbril kan meer visueel comfort bieden, niet alleen tijdens het computerwerk, maar ook op andere werkplekken of bij vrijetijdsactiviteiten die veel concentratie vereisen. Een computerbril corrigeert op een afstand van ongeveer 40 cm tot 300 cm.

Varifocal lenses

Due to our wide range of varifocal lenses we can provide you with a pair of exceptional quality lenses that meet your specific visual needs. Modern digital technology helps up measure your eyes and adjust the lenses in your frame. Short, middle and long sight zones are all integrated in the lenses and smoothly transitioned. These glasses are specially made to fit your face, life style, work and viewing habits. Individual and unique- like you!